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Butlins.com/sun Butlins.com has evolved way beyond the 'Redcoat' of old. Butlins offers you entertainment for the whole family, great accommodation and a a relaxing tmosphere to have fun with family and friends.



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butlins.com/sunsuzanne on butlins.com/star : i went to butlins as a child, in fact as a teenager and then and the single girl over 18 breaks. we've gone with the whole family and coach trips run by family and friends and now here i am with my own children, I've been every year the last 9 year with my daughter and now I'll be taking my 6 month old son. I've seen some changes over the years from ski lifts from the back of camp to monorails and swimming pools that when you dived under water you could wave to family in the ballroom underneath(where the crazy horse is now). the two things i miss though is that there used to be more audience participation, the red coats would have you jumping about like idiots and there was no escape. music man, glam grannies ect. the other thing i miss is noddy, i know there are alot of new characters but isnt there any room to bring out poor old noddy now and again. the only down side is that the pool and fair shut early so in the evening the only thing to do is spend spend spend. ~ for mroe reviews of Butlins like this one read on below or, why not see the butlins.com/sun reviews on Press Offers

butlins.com/summerbernice coates on butlins.com/star : briliant our grandson loves it was there sept 07 we have booked for june next year and want the same shalli

butlins.com/starAndrew H on butlins.com/star : its a great atmophere for children with lots of entitinment i thurlly enjod all my holidays at minhead it was fantaboulas

Mr & Mrs Kendrick on butlins.com/star : We are two 60 plus and we love it at Minehead the food is excelent the rooms are clean and the redcoats and all the staf work so hard to make are trips there just great

Mrs Lynam says: We love butlins, we try to go twice a year, summertime and definately at New year. I sometimes go on the party weekends too with my friends. Its a fantastic place for kids the entertainment is great and i always have a relaxing holiday

Caitlin says: I think butlins is good for little kids.

Jessica says: I realy like billy bear in butlins because he is funny.

Miss Evans on butlins.com/star : We been going 2 Butlins Minehead for years now and u cant beat it we love it there the kids love it lots 2 do and see and u cant beat the redcoats as well the r great with the kids u will be seeing us again soon been the this year going back there again this year thanks 2 all the redcoats 4 the fun we had

Mr Strickland says: We go 2 butlins 2 times a year my kids love it they cant wait 2 go back we been going when they where just months old and me and my wife been going when we was kids 2 we just love it there would not go any where else.

M. Hughes on butlins.com/star : I have been to many other resorts in the uk and none can beat butlins. Its amazing, the staff are great, accommodation entertainment and food has always been fantastic. I love Minehead and always well I have introduced and recommended so many poeple I should be on commission Ha,Ha hope to be back soon.

Mrs Reynolds says: We go to butlins 3 times a year there so much to do and see we beening going now for 7 years.

Mr Macdonald says: Butlins is [deleted]. 100% bring back Rank Holidays

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