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hilton.co.uk/mailonsunday offer

Free kids places this half term with hilton.co.uk/mailonsunday. With prices from just £39 per room (icluding breakfast), the kids can stay and eat for free. There are terms and conditions that apply and the offer runs from the 22nd May to the 1st June. Visit hilton.co.uk/mailonsunday for a full list of the locations taking part in the offer.

hilton.co.uk/mailonsunday offer

Free kids places this half term with hilton.co.uk/mail. Same offer as above, but so visit hilton.co.uk/mail to make a booking today. Hurry places are limited and are expected to run out very soon.

Hilton.co.uk/mailonsunday offer reviews

hilton.co.uk/mosPeter Hopper on hilton.co.uk : brilliant

hilton.co.uk/mosMaureen S on hilton.co.uk/mailonsunday : : i have stayed in a number of Hilton hotels and been pleased with each one. my dream is to stay at the new Hilton hotel on deansgate. Manchester, have watched it grow and would to sleep in a room overlooking my lovely town, with the love of my life Dave

hilton.co.uk/dailymailMrs Rowbotham on hilton.co.uk/mailonsunday : My husband and i stayed at the hilton in york .a deluxe room it was excellent the room looked over the tower. the staff were great. instore food and drink very expensive

hilton.co.uk/timesHenry L on hilton.co.uk/mailonsunday : Up to a high standard of service

? on hilton.co.uk/mailonsunday : I have stayed previously and very satisfied although 'in house' food and drink is very expensive in compasison.

Young J on hilton.co.uk/mailonsunday : Very disapointed with service and food at the London Waldorf, our comments are known by the hotel

J.Strathie on hilton.co.uk/mailonsunday : Very Good. for more reviews like this one check out the hilton.co.uk/dailymail reviews on the pressoffers.net websiet

Mrs Telford on hilton.co.uk/mailonsunday : "simply the best" hotel group around today we stayed at hilton york for our 25th wedding anniversary it was lovely.many thanks to gary and his team there.



  • Manchester Deans Gate - www.hilton.co.uk/manchesterdeansgate
  • Stansted - www.hilton.co.uk/stanstead
  • Doclands - www.hilton.co.uk/docklands

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