Holiday Inn - When you stay at a hotel, you will enjoy a comfortable night sleep in a top of the range bed with a pillow of your choice. In the morning you can choose between a traditional cooked or a lighter continental breakfast

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Reviews for Ugbene on : 'I've been staying in the holidayinn both in UK and USA whenever I travel anywhere. It's always my first choice at anytime' Sandra L on : 'We have always enjoyed our mini breaks in the Edinburgh Hilton. However the quotes for breaks are now at least 50% more than stated in the adverts.' on holidayinn.comwinteroffer : always had a very nice stay with nice food on : Always very satisfied and good value H on : a great stay in carlisle. good room and food

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Hotel breaks from £49 per room including continental breakfast. If you book online at you will get the best deal available over the internet.


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Alternatives to include and . They all provide good quality hotel accommodation with varying price ranges to suit all budgets. No matter which hotel you pick, please leave a review