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www.MercuryDirect.com/offers are one of the leading holiday companies for Malta, Gozo, Cyprus and Australia. They have also just added holidays to Madeira and Sri Lanka with some amazing value deals. Click here for www.MercuryDirect.com/Offers

Reviews for www.mercurydirect.com/offers

Shirley B on www.mercurydirect.com/offers : 'We went to Malta last sept for 2 week h/b we had a wonderful time,hotel was good the service we received from day 1 was great,stress free as everything was arranged by Mercury for us from time of booking,hoping to go again soon.a wonderful holiday would recommend it to anyone'

Jackie F on www.mercurydirect.com/offers : 'We travelled to Sri Lanka in March 07 with Mercury. Everything was just right, couldn't fault the organistaion. Trying to book another trip, again with Mercury.'

bruce w.parkes on www.mercurydirect.com/offers : 'had 3 great weeks at 4star coastline hotel in malta, going to book again'

www.mercurydirect.com/offersTerry T on www.mercurydirect.com/offers : 'Have been to Australia, Bali, Singapore and Sri Lanka with Mercury. Excellent service, staff always helpful and polite. Can recommend and we will be booking with them again'

M Doughty on www.mercurydirect.com/offers : 'been 2 australlia 4 times brill must go again'

Louise T on www.mercurydirect.com/offers : 'Went to Sri Lanka in Feb 2007 with Mercury. Excellent value for money holiday and I would certainly book with them again and have recommended them to others.'

Sue W on www.mercurydirect.com/offers : 'Been to Australia four times with Mercury, fifth in January (hopefully) Brilliant every time. Have recommended them to numerous people.'

www.mercurydirect.com/offersBrian P on www.mercurydirect.com/offers : 'Been to Cyprus five times with Mercury, very satisfied'

Mrs Spicer on www.mercurydirect.com/offers : 'I have travelled eight times to Cyprus and Malta with Mercury and found it O.K so far and am about to book again if I can find the right flight and acc. I shall be well pleased if I am successful'

Alex K on www.mercurydirect.com/offers : 'Have travelled to Cyprus many times and always had good service and value, I originally booked through the Sunday Express but I now go online'

Mike R on www.mercurydirect.com/offers : 'Excellent holidays'

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Great 'late booking' deals are available for holidays to Cyprs and Malta, as well as the newspaper offers shown below.

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