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Olympic Holidays specialise in holidays to Cyprus and the Greek Islands and have the wealth of local knowledge, expertise and experience. Combined with their great prices, you'll have a holiday to remember!


www.olympicholidays.com/nowAnn B says: 'Just been to Skiathos stayed at the Karsfelas the place was very clean, rep Nell was fantastic, and the holiday was a success, will be going again next year'

www.olympicholidays.com/sunBeverley B says: 'Just returned from Lindos in Rhodes, very pretty picturesque little village, however the "apartment" Aphrodite was nothing more than a 2 bedroomed shack! I have never stayed anywhere so dirty and tatty and old in all my life. After 2-3 days of complaints i was told "everywhere" in Lindos was the same (not true) and to see if I could find anything better myself!
It was pointed out that it clearly states in their terms and conditions (very small print at the back of the brouchure) that some accomodation in Greece may be basic, it fails to mention that it could also be very dirty, fixtures and fittings may not always be attched fully to the wall! and a "kitchenette" is an old sink unit squashed in behind the front door, oh! and dont expect any privacy when using the toilet!'

www.olympicholidays.com/timesTracey L says: 'I stayed at Belverdere Hotel Rhodes Town 4* Room ###. The bathroom was really dirty. It had cracked tiles mould all around the shower and the smell was discusing.More like a 2*. Wont be going back'

webbie says: 'stayed pefkos hotel was dirty beds not changed for days a/c broken wont be going back '

Kel says: 'we stopped at the Rose Studio Apartments in Faliriki, the hotel was excellent, the family run hotel was clean, 24hr bar, excellent pool area, I could not fault the hotel or the staff, but there was one thing that has very below average and that was the Olympic Rep - Roni. On the welcome meeting she was more interested in taking your money not making sure that you were ok as we had just arrived, she iterally took our money, filled in a form and left us, the only problem with this is when your first trip is that evening it is anyone's guess as to where, what time etc. On the bar crawl she appeared more interested in picking up a bloke rather than making sure that her guests were ok, the woman was not bothered about couples or families. She should not be a rep at a hotel that is not for 18 to 30 singles only'

stephanie says: 'Ive been to crete many times and enjoyed unfortunality though my final visit with olympic was awful basically due to my rep and staff of apartments staying in. Everything was a hassle to acommodation staff hygeine was un describable and when i spoke with rep about this on several ocassions i was told i should have upgraded if i wanted better cleanliness!

Veronica C says: 'I booked a holiday with olympic 6 months ago to get a daytime flight, needless to say I am now flying 11hours and 25minutes LATER so instead of arriving at 2-30 in the afternoon it will now be 1-30am with a further hour and half travel to the resort.. will I ever use olympic again I think you all know the answer to that....'

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Too many psecial offers to mention, so don't forget to check out the bargains page on their site. They have a good choice of late deals, special offer holidays and flights. Just cut and paste the urls.

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