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www.Park-Resorts.com Reviews

Mrs dalmeida on www.Park-Resorts.com : 'we have had a caravan on site for 18 months and since the new manager dean poppy has taken over things have much improved they have been more than helpful on several occasions when they didnt have to put themselves out. They have bent over backwards to put anything right. We did have a rough start but everything soon got sorted, the kids love it there and cant wait to get done there whenever we can'

Darren Davies on www.Park-Resorts.com : '....The park itself has an indoor and outdoor pool, with lifeguards in attendance at all times. Again these facilities were clean and presentable. There is an onsite shop selling the basics needed on this type of holiday, and I thought the prices were fair, although no match for the giant Tesco store that's about a ten minute car drive away. There is an on site chip shop, again reasonably priced, an amusement arcade and a pool and snooker hall ( that could definitely do with a revamp). There is also a small childrens play area and an all purpose sports area.

Clacton-on-sea itself does appear somewhat dated and there is some remodernisation work ongoing. The beach appeared clean and well patrolled, although the weather wasn't good enough to venture into the sea.

Park Resorts Valley Farm - Clacton
This is the first time I have stayed on a park resorts site, and if they are all of the same quality I will definitely use this company again, but may well try another area.

Mr & Mrs Collie on www.Park-Resorts.com : 'As an owner on Churchpoint Newbiggin by the Sea for six years, we have seen a few changes!But I must say all changes of improvements have been carried out by owners.An owner has landscaped the whole park and also assists in the siting of caravans as the staff have been cut back! Thanks to the hard work of this owner the park is now 4 star,park resorts should be ashamed at using owners rather than employ staff ..so nothing to thank park resorts and thier so called management for!.and they have the nerve to increase the site fees.. my advice is think long and hard before purchasing a caravan you get nothing for your money and are treat like idiots by so called proffesional staff.Security cameras cover only a few caravans.The park is open to the public and dog walkers love it here.The Owners reception office is practically a" No Go" area staff just don,t want to be disturbed by owners.Just want your money nothing more.Thinking of buying on this park? Stop and talk to owners first and get the true facts.'

M Hellyar says: 'Camber Sands, what a mud bath, the worst site I have ever stayed on. The weather was bad but the site did not drain and had standing water on many pitches'

Larry R says: 'I went to Park Resorts - Cambers Sand last Aust 2006. We booked into a touring pitch and paid in advance. We simply could not believe what awaited us. The place was an absolute dump. And it was packed to the absolute rafters. The pitch we were allocated was a muddy hole, very little grass and also very stony. It has been raining and the cars has really churned up the ground. There were kids that looked no older that 12 swigging beer out of bottles and looking menacing. We refused the pitch we were given on account of it unsuitability, and we were told to stay there for the night, and we will be moved to another location the next day. We went to look at that location, but it looked worse that the first one. We were then offered DRINKS VOUCHERS in return for staying at that pitch. We refused. The place was filty and so overcrowded that there were tents just 3 feet from the communal toilets door. We had no choice but to refuse the accomodation and go back home. I have seen refugee camps on TV with better accomodation than Camber Sands.

This was supposed to be our Summer holidays, and it was totally ruined. The kids were in tears. My wife was teary as well, but had to stay strong for the kids. We came in 2 cars, and drove nearly 500 miles for nothing. Park-Resorts (Camber Sands) are refusing to even give a refund, because they say the offered alternative accomodation and free drinks vouchers. What nerve. Court proceedings have now been instigated. Watch this space!!!'

Park Locations from www.Park-Resorts.com

  • Devon
    • Bideford Bay - www.park-resorts.com/BidefordBay
  • Isle of Wight
    • Thorness Bay - www.park-resorts.com/ThornessBay
    • Lower Hyde - www.park-resorts.com/LowerHyde
    • Nodes Point - www.park-resorts.com/nodespoint
  • Kent & Sussex
    • Camber Sands - www.park-resorts.com/CamberSands
    • Romney Sands - www.park-resorts.com/RomneySands
    • St Margaret's Bay - www.park-resorts.com/
    • Warden Springs - www.park-resorts.com/WardenSprings
    • Shurland Dale - www.park-resorts.com/ShurlandDale
    • Ashcroft oast - www.park-resorts.com/Ashcroftoast
  • Essex
    • Waterside - www.park-resorts.com/Waterside
    • Coopers Beach - www.park-resorts.com/CoopersBeach
    • Weeley Bridge - www.park-resorts.com/WeeleyBridge
    • Martello Beach - www.park-resorts.com/MartelloBeach
    • Highfield - www.park-resorts.com/Highfield
    • Valley Farm - www.park-resorts.com/ValleyFarm
    • Naze Marine - www.park-resorts.com/NazeMarine
  • East Anglia & Lincolnshire
    • Kessingland Beach - www.park-resorts.com/KessinglandBeach
    • Breydon Water - www.park-resorts.com/BreydonWater
    • California Cliffs - www.park-resorts.com/CaliforniaCliffs
    • Heacham Beach - www.park-resorts.com/HeachamBeach
    • Sunnydale - www.park-resorts.com/Sunnydale
  • Yorkshire & North East
    • Barmston Beach - www.park-resorts.com/BarmstonBeach
    • Cayton Bay - www.park-resorts.com/CaytonBay
    • Crimdon Dene - www.park-resorts.com/CrimdonDene
    • Withernsea Sands - www.park-resorts.com/WithernseaSands
    • Whitley Bay - www.park-resorts.com/WhitleyBay
    • Sandy Bay - www.park-resorts.com/SandyBay
    • Church Point - www.park-resorts.com/ChurchPoint
    • Cresswell Towers - www.park-resorts.com/CresswellTowers
  • Scotland
    • Eyemouth - www.park-resorts.com/eyemouth
    • Sandylands - www.park-resorts.com/sandylands
  • Wales
    • Ty Mawr - www.park-resorts.com/TyMawr
    • Brynowen - www.park-resorts.com/Brynowen
    • Carmarthen Bay - www.park-resorts.com/CarmarthenBay

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Great range of special offers, and late deals from Haven. Some reader offers, mainly tied in with the school holidays and half term breaks.

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