A holiday for one?

Unless you really want to be left to your own, a 'holiday for one' is far from the truth! If you are worried about going on holiday on your own, then think again. Lots of holiday companies now specialise in holidays for single travellers of all ages, so you'll find yourself travelling with lots of like minded people.

Before you book up, its worthwhile checking out some customer testimonials or have a read through their message boards to get a feel of what you can expect. If you want to leave a comment for fellow travellers, the please feel free.

Eliene says: Well, it wasn't my choise in the bening. i just broke up with my fiance and decided that i was needing a time for myself. Then i started travel alone and i just loved it. You have a chance to meet news friends, do whatver you want, whenever you want. It's not a big deal, but sometimes can be very funny and enjoyable.


Where to book

  • www.for-singles.co.uk
  • www.legerforsingles.info
  • www.justyou.co.uk
  • www.solosholidays.co.uk
  • www.holidays-4-singles.co.uk
  • www.holidayforone.co.uk
  • www.4-singles.co.uk
  • www.legersingles.co.uk

Special Offers

  • www.solosholidays.co.uk/ddex
  • www.solosholidays.co.uk/mc1
  • www.solosholidays.co.uk/tc1
  • www.solosholidays.co.uk/dtb
  • www.solosholidays.co.uk/in1
  • www.solosholidays.co.uk/dt8
  • www.solosholidays.co.uk/bte
  • www.solosholidays.co.uk/mi1
  • www.solosholidays.co.uk/dmt
  • www.solosholidays.co.uk/notw
  • www.solosholidays.co.uk/mil
  • www.solosholidays.co.uk/nim
  • www.leger-travelalone.co.uk