www.thomsonlakes.co.uk/lakes4 Thomson Lakes & Mountain Holidays have a great choice of lake and mountain holidays in Europe and North America, with some amazing late deals from www.thomsonlakes.co.uk/latedeals

Take in the traditional alpine atmosphere in Austria, visit Norway for its fjords, Italy for the lake region with a Mediterranean feel, or Switzerland for alpine glaciers.

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www.thomsonlakes.co.uk/lakes4Eileen on www.thomsonlakes.co.uk : having been with thomsons a number of times overall they are very good

www.thomsonlakes.co.uk/lakes4Mrs Morris on www.thomsonlakes.co.uk : Brilliant

www.thomsonlakes.co.uk/lakes4Mr C Riddoch on www.thomsonlakes.co.uk : 'fantastic'

www.thomsonlakes.co.uk/lakes5Ted B. on www.thomsonlakes.co.uk : 'found some great offers at www.thomsonlakes.com'

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If you have a country in mind, but not sure where, then let Thomson choose your resort and accommodation and you can benefit from great savings! They also have late offers, and deals of the week.

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