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A great choice of flights to a variety of destinations such as the USA, Carribean, South Africa and Australia. Passengers can enjoy a wide range of movies and programs on individual seatback TVs and free meals and drinks are available on all flights.

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Reviews B says: I love Virgin Upper Class - the door to door service, drive-in check-in and lounge at Heathrow are outstanding! Delightful staff with superior service and comfort - Virgin beat the competition hands down! Ann Evans says: Even though my husband and I flew economy class we were treat like premium class. Thank you to all staff who flew with us to Orlando

Ray says: Very comfortable flight - excellent staff - TV faulty all the way to Florida ..... and unfortunately all the way back as well. Given 2 DVD players on way out but they were also faulty. Otherwise highly recommended.

Janet Od says: 'My children's (Emman & Joe) first time on the plane. Experience was smooth, comfy + gifts were lovely'

Kerry says: 'simply the best way to go - virgin atlantic.'

rashmi shah says: 'its a wonderfull flight wiz wonderful staff.i hv worked wiz virgin as a ground staff n our passengers were always happy wiz our ground staff aswell our cabin staff'

Colin Harvey says: London to San Francisco - On line check failed at London resulting in XS queueing. Return on line worked, but fast drop took longer than std check in. Seat pitch both ways 24in in economy-far too small for a 10 hour flight. With seat in front reclined screen was just 13in from my face. EU regs allow pigs and calves 33-75% more space than Virgin. Virgin you failed me.

David Lessey says: 'd best in d whole world. love them, try them and u'll love them just like me'

Melanie Watson says: 'With reference to recent publicity regarding illegal fuel surcharges that have been applied to fares during August 2004 - January 2006, I would like to bring to your attention that I personally have travelled with Virgin on three occasions during this period (who'm I would add has always been my preferred Airline) and am now applying to have these charges refunded to me. I am flying again with Virgin to California in September because to me they still remain the best all round Airline '

Pat Moore says: 'the only way to fly'

Ann says: 'upper class superb'

Mrs B K Lamb says: 'pleasure to fly with virgin'

Alan W says: Just returned from flying round the world with my wife and found that flying upper class with virgin was a great way to enjoy our journey of a lifetime.

Nigel G says: My wife is a coeliac which means that she cannot eat wheat products or Gluten. Your Gluten fre meals that she has been served on your flights are far from appertising mainly consisting of fruit which when served continuously causes stomach cramps etc. For some reason the meals also exclude dairy products so she gets a creamer instaed of milk for her tea/coffee? Although the inflight entertainment is excellent the seating is too restrictive and therefore the screen monitor is too close to view comfortably especially if the person in front of you reclines their seat!

Colin R says: Having flown to florida with virgin for 7 years i can honestly say that they are without doubt the finest staff

J Jameson says: Club Class last October - superb; Premium Economy February - not impressed!

Anne says: First time with Virgin - My daughter has food allergies (Epipen) What a relief (after travelling with other international carriers that completely stuffed up) Virgin got it right Inflight entertainment excellent.

Jennifer S says: The air staff and ground staff are so helpful and smile which is a big plus, I love flying Virgin

Tom says: have travelled with Virgin on a number of occasions. Comfortable, efficient and definitely the best in flight entertainment system!


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